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In February 2023, the city of Chicago turned Wadsworth, a closed Elementary school in Woodlawn, into a temporary shelter for hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers. The decision has created tension for residents and newcomers, but the community has also come together. There are plenty of ways to help these migrants in a time of need.

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Up-coming Opportunities to serve or learn
Up-coming Opportunities to serve or learn

You can help out every Saturday 12pm-2pm at

6319 S Kimbark

This opportunity is presented by Concord Missionary Baptist & Father's Heart Church.

March 18 - Clean & Green (city beautification)

This opportunity is led by Light of the World Church.

Mark your calendar or you can reach out to Paster Robles at to volunteer.

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Current needs as of 3/1/2023
Current needs as of 3/1/2023
  • Wordpress website expert.

  • Virutal logistics help - help answer emails, create notes & graphics in Canva, help keep initiative organized.
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Groups serving the people at Wadsworth:
Groups serving the people at Wadsworth:

Chicago 4All will offer resources in Spanish and English to migrants living in the former Wadsworth Elementary School,

Hope to offer: meditation, yoga, soccer games and other activities


Paula Gean (Connected to Chicago4All)


Concord Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Kenneth Phelps

The church plans to open the Home Away From Home Center which will offer English as a second language classes, an internet café and a community kitchen for the migrants to “prepare their authentic dishes and serve them to themselves and/or to the community. They are taking donations to support their work at Wadsworth.

Zelle:, Enter “Migrant Ministry” in the memo field.

Light of the World Church

840 E 65th

Parkway Gardens Christian Church

6600 S King Dr

(773) 956-8723

Father’s Heart Church

Yolanda Cruz, pastor

5824 W Diversey Ave

(773) 803-2091

Rep. Lamont Robinson

(773) 924-4614

Alderman Jeanette Taylor

(773) 966-5336

Senator Mattie Hunter

(312) 949-1908

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To Donate Supplies
To Donate Supplies

To find out what supplies are needed contact

Concord Missionary Baptist Church

6319 S Kimbark

(773) 363-1377